If you are building your own home security system, an indoor IP security camera goes a long way toward securing a room. The best of these cameras allow you to monitor and manage the video feed online, either with a computer or a mobile device. Although it is a standard definition camera, the Foscam F18918W delivers a long list of features. Foscam does not offer any other home security devices or sensors, but few other cameras match the quality of the F18918W.

Foscam is not a home monitoring company, so you won't be able to buy a complete security package. However, some of the features in the F18918W act like miniature versions of full monitoring plans. For example, an onboard microphone and speakers turn the IP camera into a two-way intercom. With a security plan, a company will help monitor your cameras when a system-wide alert is triggered. The F18918W camera has alarm sensors, such as motion detection. When someone walks in front of the camera, a message is sent directly to you.

If you are building a full security system, Foscam only sells cameras, so you'll have to spend more time shopping around for other sensors and devices. As a single network security camera, the F18918W offers a lot of functionality. Foscam does offer a few video routers if you plan to buy multiple cameras, but there aren't many options for full home security.

The only problem with the Foscam F18918W is its video resolution. At 640 x 480, images captured by this standard-definition end up looking pixilated online. For as good as this camera's extra features are, the lack of an HD video feed makes it hard to rely on it for your home's security. Fortunately, this is a wireless IP camera, so you can set it up in any room in your house and move it with relative ease. When monitoring the camera, you have full control of the pan, tilt and zoom controls. No matter where you place the F18918W, you will be able to see what you are looking for.

Foscam supports its cameras and equipment with a one-year warranty. From its webpage, the company offers FAQs about the products and video surveillance. If you need to contact a customer support agent, the website also provides a phone number and email address. There are online tutorials and a user forum for further information.

Foscam FI8918W Summary:

As a single indoor security camera, the Foscam F18918W has great features and options. However, Foscam does not offer enough security devices to make it as easy to use as part of a full home security plan. Without HD image resolution, the camera's video feed is hard to look at, but the extra features such as motion detection and two-way intercommunication allow it to stand out from the competition. Foscam's support structure will help you find the answers to any of your questions and give you great ideas for optimizing your camera.

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Foscam FI8918W

The Foscam F18918W connects wirelessly to your internet network.

The camera does not film in HD, so the pictures are not as clear as they could be.

The Verdict
: 6.25/10

If you are building your own security network, Foscam F18918W cameras are packed with features.